Jersey, the largest Channel Island off the coast of Normandy, is 9 miles long by 5 miles wide and holds many surprises and secrets. Long sandy beaches in the South, East and West of the island are contrasted by rugged cliffs of the North, hiding small-secluded bays.

The Islands history stretches back thousands of years, Dolmens left behind from the Neolithic period when Jersey was still connected to the European Continent, to Castles defending against French Invasion and the relatively recent German Occupation have all left their own marks on the Island.


All the coasteering routes are lead within Jersey’s National Park, an area

encompassing 1900 hectares of fully protected coastline, ensuring the natural

beauty of the Island will be there for many generations to come.

We are very lucky with the water quality and cleanliness of our beaches and are

proud to help to keep the coastline clean in area's that are rarely accessed.

Coasteering Jersey, provide the majority of tours from two locations, one starting at Greve De Lecq in the North-West, the second from Gorey to the East. Both are accessed by frequent bus services. Our third location, 'Gorselands' requires transport to get to and from the site.

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